In a celebration of veteran Paul White’s 150th senior appearance, Lincoln South shored up their position in the top four with a 51-point win over the young Boston outfit at Centenary Oval on Saturday.

Kicking to the scoreboard end, Boston were pushing forward early, mainly through the midfielder Aaron Castley, however the sage defence of Damon Traeger was blunting the early thrusts of Boston.

Traeger to Chris Minns was a common occurrence especially early in this quarter, and the run forward from Delehay Miller was smooth and if not for Michael Tabe, the game could have been opened up massively, but that players resolute efforts on the last line of defence kept his side in the contest.

Luke Duncan kicked truly for the first and only goal in the term for Lincoln South, before a centring Dorward snap gave Jake Nicholls the Tigers opening goal.

Jack Shanley of Boston took a strong mark at the end of the quarter, and an after the siren kick gave the Tigers a vital goal.

The second term started with the classy Bradyn Traeger kicking a running goal to put the game back to a one point proposition.

James Bampton of South was winning the ruck contests for his side, and McEvoy kicked his second to give the Eagles the lead.

Aaron Jantke of Lincoln South was electric inside the forward fifty, looking to attack the goals, however the radar was off and his misses allowed Willy Woldt to get plenty of the ball deep in the Eagle forward lines.

Woldt’s run and carry was inspiring to the Tigers, a young player prepared to take his opposition on, and Christian Dorward was gathering a lot of the ball himself but the movement fell down along the half forward line.

Ben Jarvis emulated Shanley’s first quarter efforts, taking a mark and having a successful shot after the siren and giving the Eagles a four goal lead at the main break.

At the start of the third term it was the milestone man, Paul White, after a first half quiet by his high standards, who was cutting off the Tigers midfield thrusts and Delehay Miller was pushing the Eagles forward again.

Minns, arguably the best player of the first half, was in the thick of the action early, spraying one shot on goal out on the full before converting his next.

Jantke continued his dangerous play in the forward line, and despite kicking his first goal, he looked much better when he moved further up the ground and was pushing the ball forward.

Sunny Singh of the Tigers had been playing a complete game for his side, using his imposing size to great advantage and Boston coach Isaac Christian took a diving mark and kicked truly for a much needed goal for his side, and shortly after Samijo Kolega kicked a captain’s goal to reduce the margin further.

Young Jarvis was flattened in the latter stages of the third, and kicked a goal with the resultant free kick.

Hywood’s goal, the third after the siren goal in as many quarters, narrowed the gap at the last break to 21 points.

The final term began with Boston skipper Kolega setting up Josh Mitchell for an early goal to give the Tigers some hope, however the Tigers would not score again in the match

After this goal there was a minor scuffle in the Tiger forward line and it was the Eagles who came out of this action stronger.

Despite misses to Jantke and Swayne Ackland, it was McEvoy, the most impressive forward on the day, who began the run of scoring.

It was the first of five goals in the term with the young forward Ben Jarvis kicking a couple in this term and looking a real player of the future.

South ran out eight goal victors in the end, which was not a true indication of the difference between the two sides on the day, with the first three quarters being very competitive.

The better players for South in this match were the forward pair of McEvoy and Jarvis, who each kicked four goals, Damon Traeger in defence, and Delehay Miller in the midfield.

For the Tigers, the midfield duo of Aaron Castley and Sunny Singh were impressive, as well as Willy Woldt and Michael Tabe in defence.

The challenge for the top four is now harder for the Tigers, with the Eagles win putting them three wins ahead of Boston, and a tall ask for the Tigers to find the extra wins they’ll need.

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