MEMBERS are now invited to register by contacting the club on 86823732. The 2017 LSFC AFL tipping competition is FREE for members to join. If you are not already a member you can pay over the phone at a cost of $20.00.

Get in QUICK as there are only approximately 30 spots out of a maximum of 60.

Tips must be lodged by the official start time for the first game of the round, (phone tips will be accepted) But we would prefer you come in and lodge yourself. Who knows, someone might shout you a drink.

Unlodged entries will be allocated one point less than the lowest lodged score for the week

Points to be allocated as follows

  • Win 2 points
  • Loss 0 points
  • Draw 1 point
  • Tipping a draw 5 points
  • Margin game to decide weekly winner in case of a tie. Weekly winner to receive meal voucher
  • Game with red dot is the margin game
  • Double points on round 7, 14 and 21


  • 1st     $200
  • 2nd   $100
  • 3rd   $ 50
  • LMS $100


  • $2 Margin sweeps being sold every week with $30 prize. See bar staff

Last Man Standing (LMS)

Competition runs from round 1 through to the end of round 23, does not include finals. For the first ten (10) rounds players can pick any team more than once.  E.g. Round 1 Geelong, Round 10 Geelong. Players are allowed one loss in the first 10 rounds then it is sudden death from rounds 11 – 23. Loss does not mean forgetting to put your tips in. For rounds 11 – 23 players can only pick the same team once. Draw – if a game is a draw then all players who picked either team gets a win and stays in the competition. Forget to put your tips in – sorry you are eliminated from the competition. Try again next year.

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