The 2017 season is now upon us and I would like to welcome all of our new players and their families along with those from the past to the Lincoln South Club. I along with all the committees and coaching staff are looking forward to another successful season on the field following on from last years. So close but yet so far.

Behind the scenes a lot of work has been done, Football Director Luke Duncan has set up a great team in the coaching department and along with our new recruits and especially new families in the Junior ranks, all looks healthy for the future.

Off the field, several functions have been put on the table, but without support from you all and of course helpers, these will not happen. So if you are able to help in any way, please put your name forward to a committee member. We recently held a successful Auction and a special mention must go to Leigh Clarke for all the hours that he put into it along with his jolly band of helpers who contributed to the work.

Congratulations must go to Adele Whittaker on winning the Regional Trainer of the year award for 2016 and also to Football Director Luke Duncan on his appointment as State Country Coach for this year.

With the life style that we live in today, the club has moved in a direction that we hope will help people, one is the acceptance by John Sinclair to be the club Mental Health Ambassador. The other move is for the club to have a Chaplain and I am pleased to announce that the Venerable Peter Linn has accepted this position. John has just completed a Mental Health First Aid course and is well respected by all within the club whilst Peter is from the Anglican Church here in Port Lincoln and has recently completed a course with the Sports Chaplaincy Australia. Both of these positions are on a voluntary basis so feel to utilise them.

In closing, I look forward to catching up with you all during the season, either at the oval or the clubrooms. And again if you can volunteer in anyway please feel free to contact me or the club.

Michael O’Sullivan

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