Lincoln South 5-8 (38) def Marble Range 2-5 (17)

LINCOLN South capped off an undefeated season by defeating Marble Range by 21 points in reserves.

Souths controlled play early as they had the breeze in their favour, with league leading goal kicker Filippo Fiore opening up with two goals in the first quarter.

A goal before the siren from Kieren Vermeulen gave the Eagles a 23-point lead at quarter time.

Rangers tried to use the breeze to their advantage in the second but Souths applied defensive pressure and were cleaner with their passes.

Leading the way was Adrian Campbell who provided great defensive pressure in the back half while Damon Traeger impressed with his ball movement through the midfield.

James Bampton and Ben Jacobs provided height across the ground while Jayden Blewit helped move the ball forward.

Souths added to Rangers’ woes as a Jacobs kick bounced through goal while Rangers only managed two behinds to trail by 27 at half time.

Conditions deteriorated further going into the second half as wind and even rain provided a challenge to get clean hands on the football.

Liam Burwell started to stand up for Marble Range in getting the ball into the 50 while Logan Dennis and Damien Thomas were among those getting the ball back in Ranger hands.

For a second straight quarter the team kicking with the breeze did not score a goal as Souths managed just three behinds but still had a 29-point lead going into the final quarter.

There was quite a cheer from the Ranger faithful as Burwell scored Rangers’ first goal in the final quarter but Souths maintained its defensive pressure with superior numbers in contests.

Play was mostly kept to the Park Terrace end but Souths did manage to get the ball to their 50 and one more goal from Jacobs truly sealed the deal.

Burwell scored one more goal for Rangers but Souths proved too much.

It was not a pretty sight but Lincoln Souths ran out winners by 21 points to finish a perfect season.

A stand out in defence Lincoln South’s Adrian Campbell received the Jack Johncock Medal for best on ground.

Link to Match ReplayMatch Replay

Story taken from the Port Lincoln Times  –  Times Article

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